Who is best tight end in free agency? (2023)

Who is best tight end in free agency?

Here's a look at the top 10 tight ends set to become free agents this spring.
  • O.J. Howard. Age: 27. ...
  • Hayden Hurst. Age: 28. ...
  • David Njoku. Age: 25. ...
  • Evan Engram. Age: 27. ...
  • Jared Cook. Age: 34. ...
  • Rob Gronkowski. Age: 32. ...
  • Mike Gesicki. Age: 26. 2021 stats: 73 catches, 780 yards, 2 TD. ...
  • Zach Ertz. Age: 31. 2021 stats: 74 catches, 763 yards, 5 TD.
15 Mar 2022

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Who is currently the best tight end?

The bottom line: Kelce is the best tight end in NFL history. Kelce already owns the record for most consecutive and total 1,000-yard receiving seasons by a tight end. He has had six straight seasons with more than 1,000 receiving yards and is on pace to make it seven years in a row.

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Who is the number 1 tight end in fantasy?

Travis Kelce

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Who is the number 1 tight end in college football?

Brock Bowers

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Who is the goat of tight ends?

Antonio Gates calls it a career. GOAT, period. During his peak, Gates was selected to the Pro Bowl in eight consecutive seasons, while also being chosen as an All-Pro in five of them, including three straight first-team selections. His 116 career touchdown receptions are the most ever for a tight end.

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Which QBS target tight ends the most?

The quarterback position is the most important in the world of professional football.
Tight Ends – Most Targets
  • Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos.
  • Jalen Hurts, Eagles.
  • Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs.
  • Tom Brady, Buccaneers.
  • Mac Jones, Patriots.
19 Jul 2022

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Who is the best TE in 2022?

2022 NFL season's top 10 tight ends: Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews and David Njoku headline position.

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Who is the best tight end in the 2022 draft?

The top 2022 Tight End prospects available for the 2022 NFL Draft.
  • Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State. Height: 6-4. ...
  • Greg Dulcich, TE, UCLA. Height: 6-4. ...
  • Cade Otton*, TE, Washington. Height: 6-5. ...
  • Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal Carolina.

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Who leads all tight ends in touchdowns?

Travis Kelce had the most total touchdowns by a tight end in 2021, with 10 touchdowns.

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Who is the smallest tight end?

Who Is The Smallest Tight End In NFL History? What is this? At 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m), Trindon Holliday is the shortest player in the NFL in 25 years. Holliday had a difficult time at the start of his football career.

(thats square)

Who is the highest rated fantasy player?

Josh Allen

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What college has the best TE?

Tight End U Rankings
1Notre Dame280
59 more rows

Who is best tight end in free agency? (2023)
Who is the best rookie tight end?

Rookie Tight End Rankings & Player Notes
  • Trey McBride (ARI): TE33. ...
  • Greg Dulcich (DEN): TE36. ...
  • Daniel Bellinger (NYG): TE41. ...
  • Jelani Woods (IND): TE46. ...
  • Cade Otton (TB): TE47. ...
  • Jeremy Ruckert (NYJ): TE52.
15 Aug 2022

Who is the best TE in the NFL all time?

Greatest Tight Ends of All Time | 13-6
  • 8) Dave Casper. ...
  • 7) Jason Witten. ...
  • 6) John Mackey. ...
  • 5) Kellen Winslow Sr. ...
  • 4) Shannon Sharpe. ...
  • 3) Antonio Gates. ...
  • 2) Rob Gronkowski. ...
  • 1) Tony Gonzalez. Let's take a quick glance at Tony Gonzalez's career stat line: 1,325 receptions, 15,127 yards, and 111 touchdowns.
24 Oct 2021

Is Gronk best TE ever?

Gronkowski ranks first all-time among all tight ends in Super Bowl receptions (23), Super Bowl receiving yards (297), postseason touchdowns by a tight end (15), and postseason receiving yards (1,163).

Who is better Gronkowski or Kelce?

Gronkowski still bests Kelce in career postseason receiving yards. Gronkowski has 1,206, a league record, to Kelce's 859. Gronk also has 83 playoff receptions to Kelce's 73, 13 receiving touchdowns to Kelce's nine.

What QB chokes the most?

There is no escaping that Tony Romo is the biggest choke artist in the NFL today. Before we get into what makes him fail in critical moments, let's cover what he has done well, because believe it or not, Tony Romo has an impressive 14 fourth-quarter comebacks to his credit.

Which tight end has the most 100 yard games?

Rob Gronkowski had the most games by a tight end with 100+ receiving yards, with 32 games.

What tight end has the most 1000 yard seasons?

Travis Kelce has played the most seasons by a tight end with 1,000+ receiving yards, with 6 seasons.

Who is the fastest TE ever?

Vernon Davis holds the record for fastest 40-time recorded by a tight end at 4.38 seconds in 2006. The Maryland Terrapin was selected with the sixth-overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers.

Who is the best player in 2022 2023?

The best 99 football players in the world 2022/2023
  1. #1. Kevin de Bruyne. Manchester City. 100.
  2. #2. Bukayo Saka. 100.
  3. #3. Erling Haaland. Manchester City. ...
  4. #4. Antony Matheus. Manchester United. ...
  5. #5. Rodri. Manchester City.

Who is the best player in Champion 2022?

UEFA have named Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema the 2021-2022 Champions League's Player of the Season. Per UEFA's press release: UEFA's Technical Observer panel have named Real Madrid's Karim Benzema as the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Player of the Season.

Who was the first TE drafted in 2022?

Arizona spent the 55th overall pick on Colorado State standout Trey McBride, making him the first tight end selected in the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas. McBride brings the hardware with him to the NFL.

What TE has the most TDS?

Antonio Gates has scored the most career total touchdowns by a tight end, with 116 touchdowns.

What TE has the most TDS this year?

Travis Kelce got the most total touchdowns by a tight end in 2021, with 10 touchdowns.

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