What happens if a shaft is too heavy? (2023)

What happens if shaft is too heavy?

Nippon suggested that a player should be able to tell largely by feel. A shaft that's too heavy will cause a “labored golf swing.” A shaft that's too light will hurt your ability to make solid contact. When you find the right shaft weight, you'll experience a “high energy swing” with uniform contact.

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What does heavier weight in shaft do?

The heavier the shaft, the slower the club head speed will be at the point of impact, all else being equal. For players with higher swing speeds, this isn't a concern, but for players with low swing speeds, it can have a net deleterious effect on their performance.

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What happens if swing weight is too heavy?

Swing weight is important to get the most out of every swing. If a golf club feels too heavy, the golfer has to swing harder, can find it difficult to swing, and tires out through the round. Heavier clubs and a tired golfer means less speed and less speed means less distance.

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What happens if driver shaft is too light?

Too light of a shaft encourages an early unhinging of the wrists in the downswing, a swing flaw shown here with an iron known as casting that robs you of speed. Mucklow's data also shows that a heavier shaft improves your swing path.

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What causes a shaft to fail?

The majority of shaft failures are fatigue related, due to excessive rotary bending. Almost all shaft failures occur at the point of a stress raiser, typically at the bearing shoulder or the keyway.

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What happens if iron shaft is too light?

A shaft that is too light will make you feel like the club is going too fast for your swing. It will feel like you have less control over the club throughout the swing and it will make you feel a little uneasy until you slow everything down, this can be dangerous.

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What difference does a heavier shaft make?

A key factor in maximizing swing speed is maximizing muscle activation, which is why certain golfers can swing heavier shafts faster than lighter shafts. Slightly heavier shafts can activate additional muscle groups, effectively “turning on” more speed in a golfer's swing.

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Will a heavier shaft help distance?

Heavy shafts tend to produce more distance, accuracy, and lower ball trajectory for a golfer with faster swing speeds.

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How heavy should my shaft be?

In general, golfers with slower swing speed and tempo can and should play a lighter shaft. Golfers with very fast speeds and tempo should play heavier shafts. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies. Iron shafts can be as light as 55 grams in graphite, and 130 grams in steel.

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What happens if you don't transfer your weight in golf swing?

Without a good weight transfer, you won't be able to hit the ball with much power at all. Too many amateur golfers rely on their arms for power, but those are limited. Sure, you need some arm movement for power, but your primary power source is the movement of the weight from back to front.

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What happens when swing weight is too light?

If the swingweight is too light, you will sense you're having a harder time controlling your tempo and the number of times you hit the ball on the heel or top it will increase. If the swingweight is too high, you will find yourself pushing the ball more, and the club will feel too heavy and more laborious to swing.

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How does shaft weight affect swing weight?

The general rules are that a two-gram change in clubhead weight will change the swingweight one point (heavier = higher swingweight); a five-gram change in grip weight will change the swingweight one point (heavier = lower swingweight), and a nine-gram change in shaft weight will change the swingweight one point ( ...

What happens if a shaft is too heavy? (2023)
How do you know if your shaft is too weak?

6 Signs You Need a Stiffer Shaft
  1. The club feels like dead weight during a swing.
  2. The ball has too much loft.
  3. You're getting less distance from your shots.
  4. The ball makes unwanted hook shots.
  5. You have poor control over the ball.
  6. You take less accurate shots and don't feel like it's your fault.
5 Oct 2022

How do I know if my shaft is not stiff enough?

When To Move To A More Flexible Shaft
  1. Feels to heavy.
  2. Feels like a 'broomstick' in your hands.
  3. You struggle to get the ball up in the air with your driver.
  4. You get no spin on the green when you approach with your irons.
  5. You hit a slice.
  6. Your accuracy drops.
  7. You start losing distance.

What shaft is best for a slice?

Later in this article we cover the benefits of shaft flex for a golfer who slice the ball. The short message is to go for a regular of senior flex shaft unless your Driver club head speed is above 100mph. The extra shaft flex will really help you square the face at impact.

What can damage a drive shaft?

Lack of lubrication can cause damage to the driveshaft and its components. High-use driveshafts should be inspected regularly since they can wear prematurely due to excessive movement.

Can you drive without a shaft?

Can you drive a 4WD truck without a front or rear driveshaft? Yes, this is possible, if you drive a traditional 4WD with a lockable center differential. Remove the damaged drive shaft and lock the center differential.

What causes a shaft to shear?

Torque on a shaft causes shear stress. The torsion, or twist, induced when torque is applied to a shaft causes a distribution of stress over the shaft's cross-sectional area. (Note that this is different from tensile and compressive loads, which produce a uniform stress over the object's cross-section.)

Does 10 grams make a difference in golf shaft?

While most focus more on shaft flex, shaft weight is equally important. 10 grams may not sound like a big deal, but during the golf swing, it can make a big difference. This weight can make a big difference to feel, clubhead speed and dispersion (the accuracy of your drives).

Can you have too much shaft lean?

Excessive shaft lean

This isn't to say that a lot of great golfers have a bit of this, but too much at address or during your swing can certainly make the club tend to get stuck when it interacts with the turf. One of my favorite ways to minimize this is to hit golf balls from a low tee with your feet together.

Does a stiff shaft hit farther?

For players with faster swing speeds, stiff shafts can be a good thing. They enable the highest clubhead speeds and thereby give a boost to the golf ball, making it easier to reach higher speeds and hit the ball farther.

Will I hit the ball farther with a regular shaft?

The accuracy of a shaft is determined by different factors including its type, material, and swing speed. If your swing speed is good, consider a stiff shaft to land your ball more accurately on the targeted area. The regular shaft may help in increased distance, but would you want to hit your ball inaccurately?

Will heavier shaft help a hook?

Myth #3 – Heavier, stiffer shafts prevent hooks

Busted. Our testers were just as apt to hit shots to the left with a heavy shaft as a light one. Whether we looked at the biggest misses or the overall dispersion, we saw no correlation between shot direction and weight or flex.

Does shaft weight matter?

The heavier a shaft is, the more likely it is that your golf ball will fly low and with less spin. If it's lighter, the ball will tend to fly higher and spin more. As Briand explains, the weight of a shaft has less impact on swing speed than golfers think, but that lighter shafts could increase the rate of closure.

What weight shaft does Rory mcilroy use?

They weigh in at D4. 5 with Project X Rifle 7.0 shafts and 6.5 in his wedges (Tour pros generally use softer shafts in their wedges for added feel).

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