Is Jared Mckinnon a free agent? (2023)

Is McKinnon staying with the Chiefs?

Just over a week ago, we learned that former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jerick McKinnon was returning to the team on a one-year contract for 2022.

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Will the Chiefs resign McKinnon?

The Kansas City Chiefs have added another man to their backfield. According to a report from ESPN, Jerick McKinnon is returning to the fold, and is signing a one-year deal to remain in Kansas City.

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Who is the Kansas City Chiefs running back?

Kansas City Chiefs

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Why did tyreek Hill leaving Chiefs?

Hill recently opened up about why he left the Chiefs on the debut episode of his new podcast, and says part of the reason was the Kansas City not utilizing him enough. Hill said he did not want to become a "diva," but was surprised by the team's offensive approach.

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Are Nathan MacKinnon and Sidney Crosby friends?

As training partners, friends and television commercial co-stars, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon have a special bond between each other. Not too many people can relate to being number one overall NHL picks and from the same place like the two Cole Harbour natives can.

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Who is leaving Kaizer Chiefs next season?

Players out

Bernard Parker, Anthony Akumu Agay, Kearyn Baccus, Samir Nurkovic, Ramahlwe Mphahle, Leonardo Castro, Lazarous Kambole, Lebogang Manyama, Daniel Cardoso, Dumisani Zuma, Daniel Akpeyi and Siphosakhe Ntiya-Ntiya. While Darrel Matsheke and Lebohang Lesako have joined Swallows on season-long loan deals.

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When did KC pick up Mckinnon?

Signed by Kansas City (6/14/2022) ... Signed by Kansas City (4/30/21) ... Signed by San Francisco (3/14/18) ... Originally entered the NFL as a third-round pick (96th overall) by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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Did Pringle leave KC?

Pringle leaves Kansas City with great memories and a huge ring because the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV. After agreeing to the deal, Pringle wrote a farewell message on Twitter. Forever thankful for the opportunity the Chiefs gave me. Blessed to have been apart of great organization for the past 4 years.

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Is Jerick McKinnon still in the NFL?

Jerick Deshun McKinnon (born May 3, 1992), nicknamed Jet, is an American football running back for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Georgia Southern and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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What's up with Jerick McKinnon?

According to Jeremy Fowler, the Chiefs are re-signing RB Jerick McKinnon to a one-year deal. McKinnon was a spot starter for Kansas City down the stretch last season and will have the chance to compete for a role in 2022. McKinnon, 30, is a former third-round pick of the Vikings back in 2014.

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How tall is Jared McKinnon?

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Why did Mahomes leave?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes leaves the game after an apparent injury.

Is Jared Mckinnon a free agent? (2023)
Who got fired from Kansas City Chiefs?

The Chiefs have terminated the practice squad contract of Matt Ammendola a day after he missed a field goal and extra point in the team's 20-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, according to the NFL's transaction report on Monday.

Who quit on the Kansas City Chiefs?

On Wednesday, wide receiver Gehrig Dieter announced that he's retiring from the NFL. I've decided to retire from football! Thank you for everything KC.

Who is the highest paid NFL player?

The list is loaded with quarterbacks, with Tom Brady recently taking over the top spot. Below are the 34 highest-paid players in NFL history, heading into the 2022 season and updated with the help of data from

What did the Chiefs get for trading Tyreek Hill?

The Kansas City Chiefs have traded wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for five draft picks (1st Round in 2022, 2nd Round in 2022, 4th Round in 2022, 4th Round in 2023, 6th Round in 2023).

How much did the Chiefs pay Tyreek Hill?

More Tyreek Hill contract details: The $72.2 million becomes fully guaranteed at the start of the 2023 league year. The other $52.535 million is fully guaranteed at signing.

Is Matthews better than MacKinnon?

In his career so far, Matthews has a total of 94 goals and 80 assists for a total of 174 points in just 175 games – already a point-per-game player. While MacKinnon has two more seasons of experience, since Matthews has entered the league he has a total of 81 goals and 135 assists for 216 points in 202 games played.

Are Crosby and Malkin friends?

Crosby and Malkin have played together for 16 seasons in Pittsburgh and are extremely close friends.

How do Crosby and MacKinnon know each other?

The two star forwards are from the same neck of the woods in Nova Scotia, usually train together in the offseason and are known to keep in touch. While Crosby would most likely prefer to be playing against his buddy in the Stanley Cup Final, he is still watching the action and picking up the phone when MacKinnon rings.

Who is Kaizer Chiefs new signing?

Kaizer Chiefs have announced the signing of forward Bonfils-Caleb Bimenyimana. The Burundian has penned a two-year contract with an option to extend it for a further year.

How many players did Chiefs release?

Kaizer Chiefs have announced the release of 10 players, making up almost 30% of the squad that finished the just-concluded 2021/22 DStv Premiership in fifth position.

What players are leaving Orlando Pirates?

Players out

Wayde Jooste, Happy Jele, Kwanda Mngonyama, Justice Chabalala, Wayne Sandilands, Ntsikelelo Nyauza, Linda Mntambo, Abel Mabaso, Elson Sithole, Franck Mhango, Thulani Hlatshwayo and Thabang Monare have all been released by the club.

What team is Jared Mckinnon on?

Why does KC have a wolf?

There was an area behind the team bench area known as the 'Wolfpack. ' The more vocal sections of the fanbase would occupy it – and the Chiefs decided to take the inspiration for a wolf from it. KC Wolf is usually played by Dan Meers – whose been at it since the start.

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